Studio Alex Bonilha

I met Architect Alex Bonilha through two people I had hired to do a Management and Strategic Planning project for my company.

During the process of preparing the Strategic Planning we concluded that one of the necessary actions would be the elaboration of a modernization project in the company's facilities, with a substantial reform in our service areas, our showroom, etc., and of course we would need a professional. Architecture and Decoration area to design a project that meets our expectations and understand our needs, which would not be easy considering the type of public we work with, our company's 75 years of existence, the and especially because we work with very different products in the field of mattresses, beds, pillows, imported and domestic products, own manufacture?

Anyway, we hired Alex Bonilha, and I often say to every meeting I have with him: 'You are the ONLY professional I have hired, in my 30-something years at the helm of our company, who understood our need to get ready, prepared a project without any need for correction or change, and in an amount exactly within the budget provided by the company. So it's the best professional I have ever hired, not just in the area of ??architecture, but in all areas. '

Thank you Alex Bonilha.
Mr. Emílio C. B. Malta
Company Owner - Colchoaria Bettoni - Jardins - São Paulo - SP
It is a professional
very responsible and competent, who knew how to translate our dreams into reality!
Ms. Nádia Cartana
Residence - Condomínio Aruã Lagos
I met Alex Bonilha by referring a couple of friends. The quality of their work, the exclusivity and promptness of the service and the deep technical knowledge combined with the creativity of the projects, led us to hire their services for our future residence. We are very pleased and are sure that we have made the right choice.
Mr. José R. Figo Neto and Ms. Kátia R. N. Figo
Gated Community Alphaville BurleMarx
Building was a difficult decision for us because we are inexperienced in this field, looking for the ideal architect was also another complicated step because we didn't know anyone at the time and also because we were coming from another region. At each step, an insecurity, we researched several professionals, but none met our expectations. That's when we were told Alex Bonilha, we went to his office and from that moment we were sympathetic to his person and his work. We saw that their projects corresponded to what we had in mind with modern ideas and so our dream began to develop.
Mr. Marco Antonio and Ms. Manaíra
Gated Community Aruã
In 2008 we bought a lot in Aruã Brisas, and looking for an architect, Alex's work caught our attention, but it didn't stop there, his transparency and competence combined with a good deal of sympathy, surprised us in a conversation where we already we would come to our house receiving family and friends.

Our dream came true in early 2010 and to this day it effectively serves us in everything we need.
Ms. Mayra and Mr.Mário
Gated Community Aruã Brisas I